1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 21 day old.. She sleeps during the feeds.. And when i put her on bed she wakes up and starts crying.. Doesn't sleep.. How to keep her awake during the feeds..

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Answer: Hi dear Most newborns would spend maximum time in sleeping.if baby has not gained birth weight back,then you must feed in every 2 hours.tap baby's ear with finger or do tickling below the feet to wake her up.and yes babies need the warmth and cuddle to feel the same environment as in womb.so they would cry if you leave her on bed.you can swaddle baby which keeps them intact.once sleep place baby on bed.it is going to take long time though.please have patience .
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Question: My baby sleeps well on my lap but when i tried make him sleep on bed he wakes up. How to put him sleep easily on bed?
Answer: Hi dear at this age baby do prefer staying in touch with main and to make baby sleep well on cot or bed u can try the swaddle process. That is the best way to make baby comfortable and sleep long when on bed. Do check healofy home oage to get the guidance of how to swaddle baby.
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Question: My one month old daughter doesn't sleep in night. She sleeps in the lap but when I put her into the bed she starts crying. What to do?
Answer: Hello! Try to lightly swaddle the baby. It helps the baby to sleep peacefully hence you can make her sleep on the bed. Take care
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep on the bed when awake.if nobody picks her up starts crying terribly
Answer: Till six months some babies do like this but try set her routine and habits .
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