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Question: My baby is 20 days old... In the morning time she always sleeps and in the night she always need feeding if I take her she starts crying and she's not playing also...Sleeping or crying or she needs feed all time... Wat to fo

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Answer: That's what 20days old baby do. Feed her then do burping then swaddle her. Do some leg exercises this is the time when she will struggle to release gas so give her cycling exercise
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Question: My baby wont sleep in the day time.She sleeps only in the night.Then how can wake up her to feed.In the night time only she sleeps peacefully.If is it normal if i not feed her at that sleeping time.
Answer: hie, i know it is difficult and heat breaking to wake up a baby but they dont get when they are hungry and their tiny stomach get empty within 2-3 hours hence it is important you offer breastfeed every 2 hours when awake and 3-4 hours when asleep so that your baby so that your bay is well nourished.
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Question: My baby is 15 days old. She sleeps well in the morning but whole night she will be awake and i need to keep feeding her. She doesn't even sleep for 1 hour in the night. How much ever i feed she is hungry. Please suggest what to do to make her sleep in the night and keep her awake in the morning.
Answer: Hi.we too came across the same situation and I'm sure every parent will undergo the stage. the sleeping pattern of the newborns keep changing for every 15 days or 1 month or in a particular interval. for a few days they will sleep in the morning and be awake in night and for the other few days they will sleep in the night and be awake in the morning.but a 15 days old baby will be sleeping most of the time. make sure you nurse her properly keeping the room dark. if she sleeps for half an hour and wake up again then it should be the pattern of your baby. it will all get regularised by 6th or 5th month.
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Question: My 8 month is not sleeping continuously, she wakes up and starts crying. Sometimes she wants to be feed and sleeps while feeding, if i unlatch her, she cries again and doesn't sleep.pls suggest if i can give formula milk on t night so that her stomach is full and she sleeps well.
Answer: Hi,it is because baby gets sotthing effect while latching so the baby likes to latch even if the baby is no hungry. But you should not let the baby latch fir more that 20 mins as if the baby latches continously it can also cause gas problesms.in case you feel that you are not able to give sufficient milk then you can start fm.but I feel.as your baby is 8 months you would have also dtart s with solid foods as if be.so then that should also help.
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