3 months old baby

Question: my baby is 2.5months old. she has not yet started grasping things. She holds my finger tightly since she was less than a month. should i be worried. also let me know how to help her to develop grasping power

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Answer: 3 months is a tender stage when your child has started to respond to things. There are several neurons jumping and solving the zigzag puzzle in your baby's head as to coordinate what eyes see and what hands want. So still your baby cannot grasp actually. At this age, your only concern should be Is your baby responsive to your voice? Is he able to follow you by his eyes where ever you go? Does he focus when you show something colourful. If everything is normal and your baby is responsive. Then do not worry about gradpiing as it dies not signal any problem in your baby. Let your baby explore the world his one way and through his own lovely pace. Hope it helps! Take care
Answer: Thanks a lot
Answer: Thanks a lot
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Question: My baby is not breastfeed since birth.is her imunity power,brain development will be low than other breastfeeded baby?she takes dexolac premium. I m worried about it.
Answer: I do not worry you should try to best in your baby but in any chance because of any problem if you are not able to breastfeed your baby and your baby is a formula milk then do not worry it will not affect the development because the formula milk is designed in such a way keeping in mind the important nutritions are that should be provided to the baby which is required for the babies growth and development so don't worry it is ok
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Question: Hi there...my baby is 1year 20 days old now. She hasn't started walking yet. When family and friends visits us they say at this stage babies started walking. My baby she holds and walk but can't walk by her own. I'm so worried about her. And she's not gaining weight also her weight is 7.8kg only. So worried about her.
Answer: Hello dear Every baby is different so are their activities, please note some baby's learn late and its absolutely fine. May be he is getting developed at others areas. Don't worry he will start walking soon. Just keep on massaging ur baby legs daily
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Question: my daughter has just turned 2 , she has not started talking yet... she goes to playgroup.. she understands a few things... how do I get her to talk and increase her concentration
Answer: At this age babies are generally distracted so don't worry much..with the age the concentration build up. For speaking skills make sure you use one language to communicate at home and try to start making stories, rhymes etc. Spend lot of time with kid and stop the mobile usage. Baby will start interacting.
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