3 months old baby

Question: Hloo my baby is 2 nd hf month old he is taking very leess breast milk...my mother in law saying to give my baby donkey milk to inrease his hunger..is it ok ?? Plsss plsd tel me

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Answer: Hi. Baby should no be given any milk beside mothers milk and formula milk till 1 year of age, either its cow milk, donkey milk, camel milk or buffalow milm. Tell your MIL that its not recommended for now and pediatrician strictly asks not to give it to baby.
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    jeyanti Kommu849 days ago

    Helo thnq ..but my baby is not taking milk,he is active but not taking wat to do ? Pls tell me ..he is always looki g at walls phto frames...im feeling like crying

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    Shalini Gupta849 days ago

    Hi dear. You can ecpress milk and feed with spoon if baby isnt sucking

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    jeyanti Kommu846 days ago

    Ty shalini

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Question: my baby is 3 months old..my baby is taking breast milk ...he is drinkng only his hunger...is any problm
Answer: Hii dear nothing to worry. But do feed baby after every 3 hours .if baby takes den fine. Also do offee milk if baby pee or poop. This will motivate baby to take milk frequently. While feeding u should sit alone and stay in comfortable temp. As baby do work really hard during feeding. Then need to feel comfortable so that they can take proper feed.
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Question: How to increase breast milk supply? My mother in law insists to give cow milk to my baby once or twice a day. Is is right to give?
Answer: Hi, you can try this to increase breast milk supply. Baby sucking actually help to increase breast milk, offer your breast when baby more hungry. Masur Dal... This is most important. Take everyday one glass masur dal with ghee. And take satavari churn with milk. 
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Question: My baby boy is 2 months old. My mother in law is planning to give donkey milk for him since his hands and legs are cold.
Answer: Omg. Take your baby and run away. Never let your baby drink anything else beside your breast milk till 6 month of age. Tell your mother inlaw its so much harmful for 2 month old baby. Doctors never ever wil suggest this kind of practice.
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