3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2 nd half months old he doenst sleep at nite i was at my moms place til nw bt nw hv shifted to my home wid my inlaws nd my baby still doesnt sleep at nite bt i hav to wake up in morning for doen household chores.my mother in law doesnr undsrstnd nd wakes me up evry morning.m fed up wid dis schedule.my husband helps me at nite bt i m a breastfeeding mother to hv to b awake to feed my baby.plsss help.sugest me sumthing

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Answer: Hi dear.. I faced the same situation. Due to change in place, climate and atmosphere it will take some time for babies to adapt. Try to take small naps when your baby is sleeping,After finishing your household chores. Prepare yourself mentally that you need to be awake at night. Grasp some sleep whenever your kid sleeps.
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Question: I had normal delivery wid 6 stiches nd my baby is nw 2 months old.i think my stiches r properly heald nw.so cn i hv intercourse nw nd i also wanna start doen exercise.pls sugest me wat to do
Answer: Dear stitches will take atleast 3 month to completely heal. You can see only your external stitches but internal stitches need 1 more month. You can try side position for sex and don't put pressure on tummy area. Safe exercise can get done which will not strain your stitches.
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Question: My baby is 21 days old, she doesnt sleep more than 2 hrs at a strech. Coz of which whole nite i hav to be awake, could u plz guide me about how to make her sleep little more longer
Answer: normally little baby don't sleep much at night feed him with full stomach stay with baby while baby sleeping don't make a noise louder
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Question: Um 27 weeks pregnant bt my belly doesn't look lyk um 27 weeks pregnant other pregnant woman hv really big belly at this stage bt um nt 😣 nd thiZz iZz mine first pregnancy can anyone tell me Yyy thiZz iZz happens to me? Or here is something wrong wid my bby? Or he doesn't grow up lyk other bbys?
Answer: Hi dear, You're worrying a lot. Don't worry dear. Be happy your pregnant now. If you're happy then your baby too happy. There is differences between lady to lady. Baby bump size varies according to your body and gene also. If your scan reports are normal then be happy. You eat healthy foods like leafy vegetables, dry nuts, vegetables and fruits. Then add steamed peas, chick pea in your diet. Take care Hope this will help you
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