4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2 n half month old... She is not doing her potty daily...n crys because of it.. Plz suggest me some solution for this

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Answer: Hello dear.. To reduce babys constipation,follow these remedies it might be helpful for you.. feed your baby at regular intervals, will make baby hydrated, and helps to poop easily You can massage your baby tummy in circular motion around navel, will help in releving constipation You can give warm water bath, it helps in execreting and it will be more effective Start giving baby a little movement, like bicycle, will help intenstine to work and releases poop, for this you have to hold your baby's leg slowly and rotate like riding a cycle alternatively, this will also helps in releasing of gas
Answer: Hi.. Breast fed babies can easily go for two weeks without a poopy diaper once they are two to three months old. Breast milk is exactly what your baby needs, and so there is a little waste product left for the baby to poop out. Do not worry, because breast fed babies never constipate. Still, if you want apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby, it will give the toddler some comfort...
Answer: Hi. New borns dont poop fow even a week so dont worry. Give your baby tummy massage with luke warm coconut oil in circular motion. If its too long you can massage babies tummy with luke warm hing paste. Make your baby do cycle exrcise daily it will improve babies bowel movement.
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Question: Hi..my baby is 2month old..her potty routine is very irregular..lyk aftr 10days of gap she is doing potty..is it normal plz suggest..
Answer: No consult the doctor. Up to 3 days is ok. More than that it is not good for the baby.
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Question: Hi my daughter is 11.5 . months old.. herteeths are coming because of whichshe is doing potty severl times.. plz suggest some home remedy to cure this..please help.
Answer: Give her jaayfal. Just rub it on a chakli & extract juice of it. Give that juice to your daughter. But it should not be of much qty. 5 ml is enough. You can give it maximum 2 times a day.
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Question: My baby will become 1month old on this 29th june. She is not doing stool everyday. Is it normal. She is doing alternate days or 1-2 days. Im giving her breastfeed only. What is the solution for everytday stool.
Answer: Newborn digestive system is very sensitive as it is still in developing stage. That's why it's common for them to have gas, constipation, stomach reflux etc. When baby’s body is low on water then also constipation can occur or if there is any change in mother’s diet. Make sure you are feeding your baby at every two hours. Whenever you feed your baby drunk a glass of water, this will keep you hydrated and in turn baby will be hydrated. Include more of leafy vegetables and fibres in your diet. Eat food which is easy to digest. Avoid taking complex food as it might take long for then to be digested and can disturb your baby’s digestive system as well. Don't feed baby anything other than bm/fm. You can apply heeng water around her navel. Massage her minimum twice a day. Around her navel make circles first anticlockwise then clockwise while pressing gently. Give your baby tummy time (make her lie on her stomach), for 10-15mins in a day this will strengthen the muscles around her abdomen thus improving her digestive system. Avoid giving any over the counter medicine or gripe water to your baby.
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Question: My baby is 2 n half months old..she is sneezing n her potty is green in colour ..what should i do??..plz give me urgent advice
Answer: hi dear! the sneezing is due to dust or some other allergens dear . the green stool may be due to formula milk or the foremilk( milk at the beginning of a feeding which consists of low fat content and high lactose content). and also if the mother or baby is on iron supplements. -if formula milk is given then dear you will have to stop the formula milk. -and for foremilk you will have to feed the baby for more than 10mins from one side to get the hind milk also.(Hindmilk is the high-fat, high-calorie breast milk,t's richer, thicker, and creamier than foremilk). -and if irons supplements is given to baby or taken by the mother then dear you will have to stop using them. if the motion is loose then it might be due to GIT infection in such cases a stool test will be required dear to make sure if any infection there. and if yes then dont get worried. proper antibiotics will solve the matter. so dont worry.! take care dear. i hope this information is helpful to you!
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