2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2 months old. She keeps scratching her head . How to get rid of lice from her head

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Answer: Hi dear plz check if that is lice or cradle crap as generally in dis age baby do suffer cradle crap which can be cured by massaging baby head with olive oil and then combing it with baby comb. U can wash the hair of baby after wards. If that is lice then u can mix camphor in very less qty and then add coconut oil. Massage ur baby scalp with that oil and then comb it with the fine baby comb. It will take out all comb. Make sure not to take baby in the contact of person who has lice
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Question: How to get rid of lice for my baby. She is 5 months old
Answer: how come 5 month has lice. plz consult dr or if possible remover hairs. lice oil contains chemicals so plz consult Dr b4 using any oil.
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Question: How to get rid of lice n most from head
Answer: The best way is to shave the head.. It is easy and faster too.. Take care
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Question: Hi my girl baby is 8months old.. and she has lice in her head.. what's the home remedy to get rid of lice in her head ???
Answer: Your baby is very small to apply anything you will have to remove the licence manually
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Question: How to get rid of head lice from 49 days old baby hair
Answer: Brushing your baby's hair and applying oil helps remove the lice from your baby's hair..also if the lice problem aggravates you can place some me leaves near your baby's pillow which will help kill it..
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