2 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2 months old n he keeps staring up, n puts his mouth in his hand in his mouth n sucks even after I feed him, n also I wanted to ask is it ok to feed him while I am lying , since last week m feeding him lying down in the night n I think he sucks fr long time like that , I wonder if he is just doing it fr satisfaction, and I don't even burp him as v both r sleeping ,

1 Answers
Answer: this was same happened with me when I feed lying position so I stopped doing it coz I can't feed continously for that longer duration my hands n bones gets stiffed n painful so it was better to woke up n feed while sitting position. feed for 5 min or so n put the baby on bed. it's ok if you don't burp in night I used to do the same n didn't find any issue. but yes during day time I burp regularly .