3 months old baby

Question: my baby is 2.5 months old..he is farting too much..n its smell very bad..why.? any solution?

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Answer: Milk is easier to digest for the tiny systems than the solids like rice, fruits etc. Thus it is common for your baby to suffer (not necessarily, in all cases). Dehydration may cause constipation in babies. Some medicines, for example, iron tonics, are also known to cause constipation. Some of the natural ways to relieve constipation includes the intake of fruits and fruit juices, which are very effective as they are rich source of fiber and water. the baby is on solids and suffer from constipation, these measures can be taken. 1. Give warm water to the baby at regular intervals , 1-2 tsp one time is more than enough. 2. Boil raisins in water and strain it out, this water can be given too 3. Give papaya to the baby . 4. Make oats a part of his food intake. The rich fibre in it helps here 5. Give fruits / fruit juices of all fruits starting with the letter P like papaya, prune.