3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2 months and 20 days he is becoming more thin even though i m feeding him well wad to do?

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Answer: Hello dear.. During breastfeeding you should have a nutrious diet,which should capable to fullfill your baby's need and helps in weight gain of baby,can take shatvri powder available in natural drug store will boost your supply,Tips for increasing weight in breast feeding babies are as follows Feed your baby in regular intervals... So more your baby latch more you increase your milk Eat a nutrious diet , includes more veggies and fruits Add ghee in your diet,will definitely increase the weight of baby,can have banana too will yield weight gain in baby If you are an non vegetarian,can have mutton(lamb) will give proper weight to baby Drink atleast two glasses of milk daily You can also take dried fish,weekly twice,it helps in milk secretion Garlic milk helps in producing more milk, for this you have to boil garlic in milk, once it boiled and cooked ,you can drink it with palm sugar,have this before bedtime Fenugreek also increases breast supply,you can add it in soups,salads , you can also have fenugreek tea Cumin water is very essential in milk secretion, it also act as a barrier against respiratory issues A handful of dried fruits increase your milk supply, and releives from constipation, and it also makes your milk thick
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Question: My baby is too thin though he eats everything and in proper proportion.. what to do to make him fat
Answer: Protein-rich foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs and soy products will help your child gain weight and muscle mass. Carbohydrates should make up the majority of your child’s diet, or 45-65% of his calorie intake. Whole grain cereals, dry fruits (for snacks) are good foods for an underweight child. Smoothies made with yogurt, milk and fresh or frozen fruit are a treat and a great source of extra healthy energy. But avoid feeding your child junk food or fatty food thinking that it won’t affect him because he is thin. Says dietician and nutritionist Liza Shah, “Some parents stuff their thin children with food that contains more ghee, butter, cheese and oil, and make them drink full fat milk in an attempt to get them to put on weight. Growing kids need more protein, fruits, vegetables and fibre. A child will not eat enough of the right kind of foods if his tummy is filled with the fatty foods.” She insists that parents should give their children a variety of foods instead of just ‘roti, sabzi and dal’ meals. Children should be given the opportunity to choose. “Some healthy foods that can tempt your child are mithi roti made of besan and jaggery, boiled potato dishes, idlis, boiled chana salad and burgers made with wheat bread,” she says. “If you want your child to gain weight, see that he eats frequently – at least three meals and two snacks a day – and give him calorie-dense foods,” advises Ryan. For skinny children, his favourite suggestions are rice, potato, sweet potato, eggs and milk. French fries and pakodas are a no-no. Milkshakes, soups and smoothies can be given. “Download colourful recipes and videos on food, and show them to your child. Expand your horizons beyond the limits set by culture. For instance, if your child has taken a liking to pizza, experiment by making a healthy version for him,” he says. Also, children may not eat well because of medical, climatic (we tend to eat less when the weather is hot) or psychological reasons. In some cases, if the family environment at the dinner table is not good, children do not eat well. Parents should make mealtimes enjoyable and unrushed, and offer a variety of nutritious foods
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Question: My baby is 12 months, he looks very thin... Even though I breastfeed n provide him required things... What should I do to make him plumpy
Answer: Full-fat Dairy Foods Choose a brand of yogurt that is made with whole milk. Many supermarkets carry yogurt specifically for babies that contains more fat and calories Whole Grains Foods made with whole wheat. Make pancakes with whole wheat flour or offer toast made with whole wheat bread. Whole grain pasta cut into tiny pieces is another high-calorie food to feed your little one. Hot cereal, such as oatmeal, is another nutritious option. Prepare these cereals with whole milk instead of water to boost calories even more. High-Calorie Fruits and Vegetables Beans supply a significant amount of calories. Pears and bananas are some types of fruit with more calories than most varieties. Add a teaspoon of butter to cooked vegetables to add additional calories or toss chopped fruit with whole milk yogurt to increase the calories in the dish.
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Question: My baby is my baby is 4 months old now even though feeding well he looks lean, any reason??
Answer: You do not need to worry as long as your baby is drinking the required amount of milk
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