5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2 month 25 days...at night while feeding baby is sleeping and unable to burp..is that ok to sleep baby without burping?

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Answer: Ohhhh mummy.....it's totally fine. Nothing to worry about. When baby sleeps sleepy or sleeping they do not burp
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Question: My baby used to go to sleep while i m feeding her at night .she doesnt burp before sleep
Answer: Hi! Its okay dont stress if baby is fine afrer no burn and sleeping peacefully. Good luck!
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Question: While burying my baby on shoulder.. She ll alway start cry n don't get sleep after that.. Is that any other solution to burp aft feeding at night..
Answer: Make ur baby sit hold her lower jaw n start rubbing her back gentle don't press hardly it will help to burp easily if its taking longer tym make her sleep flat n again start trying to burp
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Question: My child sleep whole night without feeding.. Is it OK
Answer: Hello, Some babies do sleep more without feed . But it's important to wake up baby for feed after 3-4 hours..
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