3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 2 month and 16 days old.... I want to give him formula milk.... How much amount formula milk I should give him in one time

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Answer: Start with less quantity and see if the baby is comfortable with it and the stomach is filled. You can increase the quantity later on. The preparation instructions is given on the formula milk cover
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Question: Breastfeeding is insufficient to my 1month old baby, how much amount of formula milk should i give to my baby???
Answer: Hello ma..   Please follow the plan... High protein content of foods such as whole grains, cereals, pulses, dried fruits, fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs and chicken is good for the mother and baby.  switch to healthier options to stay hydrated such as fresh fruit juices, tender coconut, lassi and lime juice. women are advised to continue the supplements of iron and calcium in the postpartum period for up to 3 months Water isn't technically food. But it ensures a regular supply of milk. It is advised to drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day. Breast feeding mother if they has no thirsty also drink plenty of water .. Adding garlic to your food not only increases the deliciousness of your dish but also increases the milk supply. Suppose milk not yet means formula milk -1 spoon of powder and add 3 spoon of water.. at the same level ma.. I hope, if it is really helpful .. please click the thumbs up👍symbol Thank you.. 😍
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Question: Hello my baby 11 months old how much quantity milk I want give him per day and how much quantity solid food give him per one time
Answer: hi how are you can give you a baby milk rice or thrice a day you can give one cup of milk to the baby you should feed at least three means proper means to the baby you can give quantity like one chapati at a time or half a bowl of oats or Orange or Ragi or Upma to the baby at one time you can also gave a half bowl of rice and curry this should be the quantity
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Question: How much formula milk should i give to my 4month old baby at one time?
Answer: Hi, There is no one rule that applies to all! The quantity is actually depends on the appetite of the baby and hunger. If you are still breastfeeding your baby and will be offering formula for the first time you can start with a small amount of formula – 30ml to get him used to the milk. Gradually you can increase the quantity of milk to 60 ml and so on.
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