20 months old baby

My baby is 1yr 7 month old. She is not talking yet. Worried

There are many kids who starts talking late... But check whether baby is reacting to Ur reactions or not..try talking to baby more..ask questions.. slowly baby will start talking nothing to worry about.. Kids starts learning to talk by listening to what we say...in some cases baby have low hearing, If baby is not reacting in words then better go for ENT dr for check up...
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Question: my baby is 1yr three month old.. he is not talking
Answer: Hello dear, Babies start speaking around at 18-24 months, Many toddlers speak earlier than 18 months and can speak about 20-30 words by 2. Your toddler isn't using a few words, you may be concerned. Receptive language is much more important than expressive language. Does he understand what you are saying? For example, if you say where is the ball? does he look for the ball. At this age, he should only have one or so words! Is he gesturing? For example, does he wave bye-bye? This is what I'm saying...no child is like another child.  Don't let milestone markers rule your life.... Speech therapists believe that if your child does not have 8-10 words by the time he is 18 months old, THEN start worrying and make an appointment with your doctor... Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: Hi, my 19 month daughter is not talking yet. She is trying to say some words. Should I be worried?
Answer: Hello dear... Each baby is differen,some will speak soon,some lag behind,please don't compare kids with anyone Da it will hurt them mentally You start talk with your child more and more, make her involved in little discussion,make her to express her thought,it will soon make her to speak well Be patient in teaching new words,in beginning stage, their words, pronounciation will not that much good ,so don't tease them. Make a habit of story telling,daily during bed time,so that he will engaged more to listen new words Join her in any playschool or keep her mingle with kids,so that she will learn new words.
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Question: My daughter has not yet started walking she is 1yr 15days old
Answer: Check with doctor... they might give supplements...they are best in such cases... give good diet..if u r feeding u too eat good food... also give massag regularly... use a good oil... I used j n j massag oil.
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