23 months old baby

Question: My baby is 1year and 10months old.. From 18 months onward I have started a sleep routine.. He sleeps at 9 pm sharp...and he wakes up in the morning at 7.. Sometimes at night he wakes up and he drinks breast milk for 2 times. Now my baby is always waking up at 3 am and he is drinking breast milk continuously till 6 or 7 in the morning...i thought he might be hungry... I gave food to him but he is not eating it...sometimes he is crying and he wanted to go to his grandpas room...he goes there and play... This is happening since 2 weeks...and am very tired because of this habit.. Please somebody tell me what should I do

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Answer: babies are like this only so don't stress about babies can change their behaviour any time but don't worry and please make sure that your baby is in not any kind of pain for example it teething troubles aur stomach pain could be the issue and yes sometimes they will also need change so they try to spend time with others and play with others
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Question: My baby is 56 days old i give him formula milk as my milk is not sufficient and thrice a day expressed breast milk. Today since afternoon he is just crying, sleeping for 10 mins and feding in between and again crying. Please help me know what could be the reason.since 3 pm to 10 pm he is doing like this
Answer: I know it's hard sometimes to get to know why baby is crying. Normally, there could be two reasons for baby to cry, either baby is hungry or have gas in his tummy. Yeah sometimes they do cry when they are tired too.
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Question: Hi m baby completed 7months but he is not sleeping properly at night.. Every 2hour he is getting up... And demand for milk... I m giving him breast milk and one time formula milk... Solid food started.. And doing his malish also but he is getting more worse at night... Plz help me... No one is there to help me
Answer: Hi dear. I think your baby has probably become dependent on breastfeeding to sleep. So he is unable to go back to sleep on his own. Also, frequent feeding and less gap between solids and sleep time can make baby gassy. Ensure baby has 2 hours gap between solid foods and sleep time. Try to wean it off bm between 12 to 6 so he lerans to sleep on own.
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Question: Hi went to the paediatric doctor and said that my baby weight is not up to the mark ... She is currently on formula milkbas my breast milk is not enough Wat should i do to improve my breast milk
Answer: Hi...Rava ko ghee me bhun k .then boil with milk..add sum suger according to ur taste..take two times daily night n morning..this is very effective for ur health n increasing milk
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