2 years old baby

Question: My baby is 1year 11months he fell down and had a wound in mouth what should i apply to cure that wound

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Answer: Hi dear if the wound is inside the mouth then dont apply anything as it will heal on its own with saliva or if it is outside then you can aaply coconut oil or betadine on the area ..
Answer: Apply sugur helps in controlling bleeding apply ice pack also helps. Apply coconut oil regularly it will go dear. If you are breastfeeding continue it helps in curing the wound.
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Question: My baby fell down and she got a minor wound. Can I put betadine
Answer: Yes u can.. If the wound is minor u need not to get worried
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Answer: Hello! It is common in babies to fall asleep during feeding, but you need to wake the baby each time the baby falls asleep to make sure that the feeding is completed. Also wake the baby up if the baby is sleeping to keep up with the feeding schedule. Once the baby gets used to this, they will on their own start asking for it. Take care
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Question: My baby get wound on hip.... What should i apply to heal her quick?
Answer: hi the basis to apply the breast milk because it is the best remedy you can also apply coconut oil which will help or aloe vera gel
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