6 months old baby

Question: My baby is 172 days old.she always put her fingers in mouth.evrn breast feeding time also she remove feeding and put fingers into mouth.how i should stop her this habit

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Answer: Apply alovera to baby hand, or bittergard leaf juice apply to hand, any eatable bitter things apply and try
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    Urvashi chauhan284 days ago

    Thodi badi hogi to bhul jayegi aap jitana force karegi aadat chudvane ki vo or karegi so dont be panic

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Question: Hi All, My baby always keeps her hands in her mouth, I fail to understand why she do this; Also What should I do to remove this habit?
Answer: Hello dear It's a milestone, which all babies achieves in 3 4 month. This is completely normal and no need to worry. After some time baby will leave this habit. Second thing when babies start teething that time they want to chew or suck everything. So give your baby a clean soft tether.
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Question: Can I put aloevera for my baby fingers to stop putting her fingers inside her mouth. She is 4months baby
Answer: No don't apply aloevera as it might be very cold for the baby.babies do put fingers and it is difficult to manage. Distract her whenever she put fingers by any toy or take her in your arms and talk to them.
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Question: My baby is put 2 fingers in her mouth.. she is 4 months old.. how can i stop her?
Answer: Don't stop your baby to putting his fingers in mouth. It means baby is getting ready for soild food. It also improve hand to mouth co ordination. It will gives baby's snoothing effect. You can see the baby's gum are swollen,so they rub the gums by there own fingers.
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