15 months old baby

Question: My baby is 15 months, she has an habit of keeping her thumb in mouth, she keeps while sleeping everyday, is there any problem if she do so ?? How to stop her frm this

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Answer: This is habit of thumb suck . You should give teether . Now baby teething start so baby want to chew anything to soothe their gums.
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Question: My 10 months just don't want to leave me at all. She want I take her all time. I could not do any work and as there is no other family memeber at home. How I change her habit?
Answer: Hello dear... this is normal your baby needs you baby feel comfortable with moms . you can try one thing put baby in a walker and then you should keep your baby beside you in that way you can do work and in between talk yo your baby so that he think that you are here.
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Question: Hello.. My baby is 4.5months old & she has started sleeping on one side. What to do shall O allow her to sleep this way? She turns again even if I put her on her back. Please suggest
Answer: Yes dear yours baby can sleep on his side . There is no harm to sleep in side . You should not sleep on same position. .
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Question: My baby is undergoing teething process.. she has severe pain and she keeps her hands in mouth all the time..plus she is passing loose stool too.. what to do? Plz help
Answer: Give her teething troubles medicine or gripe water
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