15 months old baby

Question: My baby is 14 months and he is pooping after every meal and has very low appetite please suggest

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Answer: Hi.. Dear babies do not have a fully developed intestine, and hence they do not absorb food very well.Therefore, it is normal for infants to pass frequent and watery stool. However, give your baby BRAT diet (banana, rice, Apple sauce, toast) only, in his meals.. Additionally, apply little asafoetida mixed in luke warm water on the tummy of your baby twice or thrice in a day.. It will give your toddler some comfort..
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    Hamsa Rekha440 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: Why My baby pooping after every meal?
Answer: Dat mean Stomach upset ,consult ur paedia n gve ORS solution to ur baby,make his/her drink plenty of liquids,as dis vil help out for correct digestion.
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Question: Why my baby pooping after every meal?
Answer: Hi dear, don't worry it happened with my baby and as babies who pass motion frequently even after each feeding is considered normal. If your baby is acting her usual self, frequent bowel movements aren't a cause of concern unless there's a sudden change in your baby's bowel consistency and her stools become very watery. If you have started your baby on solids, it may also affect the frequency and type of her bowel movement depending on the choice of food you introduce, such as fiber-rich food. Do monitor your child's diet by keeping a food journal and observe her reaction to the new food you have introduced for at least a week.
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Question: My baby is 8.5 months old. He has lately started passing stools after every meal.. not very loose and not in huge quantities. But is passing stools after every meal.. any suggestions on this ?
Answer: Every pregnancy is different. And no pregnancy symptoms is a blessing when you are pregnant. Just relax, be completely stress free and enjoy this phase. Your tummy will eventually show up and that's nothing to worry. Be happy and happy pregnancy :)
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