Few weeks old baby

My baby is 13days old now can I have egg in my diet plan. Does it effect my baby

Yes you can eat egg bt make sure apke meditation Mai gas ki dawa ho
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Question: My baby is 40 days old now. Can i have curd in my food. Does it effect my baby through feeding??
Answer: U can have anything but in moderation but make sure u avoid if u r catching cold
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Question: My baby is 8 months old.. Can I add egg in baby's diet
Answer: Eggs, particularly the egg whites, are one of the top 8 of all allergens. Most pediatric resources agree that eggyolks are fine for <the non-allergenic>baby to eat when baby is around 8 months old. Please keep in mind that the egg whites should not be fed tobaby before 1 year old. It is the white of the egg that is allergenic and not the yolk. ... Many pediatricians say that introducing egg yolks are typically fine for <the non-allergic> baby around 8 months old; this recommendation is changing however with many doctors suggesting that egg yolks, and the whole egg, make a great first food
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Question: I'm seven weeks pregnant now. Can I add egg in my Diet. Is there any problem while adding egg in my diet?
Answer: No dear. U can add eggs to ur diet. Its good for you and your baby too.
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