13 months old baby

Question: my baby is 13 months old is weight is 9 kg what and all the food contain I can give him a time daily please tell me

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Answer: Feed him what u r eating ...
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    Ammu Yadav692 days ago

    I know that u pls telme food

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Question: My baby is 14month old can I give ice cream for him and tell me weight gain food for him
Answer: Hello Yes you can give ice cream to ur baby. Just make sure it's not in the evening as ur baby can catch cough or cold. Once in a while ice cream is good. Keep your baby well hydrated it is very important in such season. For the baby to gain weight you can include ghee or butter tossed meals as oils and fats give energy and increase weight. Include bananas Yogurt ragi oats mashed potatoes dal eggs fruit juices. You can also give them new finger food prepared at home like French fries or other creative things recipes are found online. You can give them seasonal fruits that are tasty and healthy. Hope I helped
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Question: Hii ..my baby is 13 months old and he is having hard stool what all to give him in food ?
Answer: For constipation, you should giv him to eat smaller meals throughout the day, make ur child involved it exercise regularly, giv ur baby high fiber diet, and ensure ur baby drink lots of water and fluids. Besides tat giv ur baby slightly lukewarm water to drink in morning this will help cleanse his system. U can also giv apple juice and prune juice. I also giv my daughter LIV 52, consult ur doc before giving any medicine
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Question: my baby is 13 months is weight is 9 kg what and all the food can be given for him a day please tell me
Answer: A1l types of foods can be given .give small frequent meals .start giving 1 egg daily ,include milk,fruits,vegetables,cereals,pulses and meat.make it more palatable so that they can easily have it
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