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Question: My baby is 12days old. She is not passing urine. rarely she pass urine 1 time during a day time. But she pass urine at night 2 to 3 times. And she pass a liquid stool after feed. Is this is normal for new baby. Iam so scared iam a new mother very depressed feel crying while thinking about my baby. Plz anyone reply

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Answer: Hi dear.. loose stools are very common in new born.. But the pee count should be more.. as it is summer dehydration is most common problem.. feed the baby 1hr once and u have to take plenty of water to avoid dehydration in u and ur little one.. take care
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    Sasidevi S661 days ago

    Thanks mam

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Question: My 27days baby is crying while passing urine not all time only when she was awake
Answer: Hello mommy, this could be because of dehydrated body. Your baby is very small to have liquids the only thing u can give him at this stage is breast milk. Breast Milk have all the vital nutrients that ur baby need. Keep him hydrated by giving him breast milk only. Some tips for mothers also coz at this time mom is only the source of nutrition for the baby so keep urself hydrated have more or liquids like lime water, coconut water, cranberry juice. Include curd in ur diet coz it's the best probiotic. Also you can apply hing paste on belly point.U can dip the ear buds in olive or coconut oil and keel it in the anal region.
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Question: My baby While she is passing urine it is very hot and she is crying while passing urination
Answer: You drink lots of water and breast her as much as you can and if it continues take her to pediatrician...
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Question: Iam passing urine once 15min. More than 20 times a day anything serious. Iam already having urine infection and taking treatment pls anyone replay iam so scared
Answer: Dear there is nothing to worry in frequent urine , it happens because growing baby puts pressure on your bladder which then cant hold urine and makes urge of pee quite frequently . so dont worry just stay hydrated all the time..
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