12 months old baby

Question: My baby is 11 month old but he is not gaining weight from last 2 3 months, his weight is constant I.e 7kg. What food should I can give him pls suggest. I am very worried for his weight.

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Answer: Hi, Breast milk is one of the best food for babies until 1yr of age.foods like potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, dal , ghee, ragi, almonds, yogurt, egg and milk help the baby to weight gain.moong dal and urad dal help a lot to gain weight in babies and toddlers.raagi porridge also helps to gain weight.allow the baby to crawl freely, being physically active help babies feel hungry time.take care
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Question: My baby is not gaining weight from past 2 months. His birth weight was 3.68 kgs. Also nowadays he is not eating food properly. What should I do?
Answer: some baby are fussy eaters when Baby was playing you can offer different types of food. when you are taking food you should also take your kid. Try attractive utensils . Give different types of food so that babu will bore.
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Question: My boy's weight is not good so what can i give him to increase his weight..
Answer: If your baby is active then don't worry. Give your child high calorie food for healthy weight gain.. full cream buffalo milk paneer cheese yoga dry fruits name gives beans non veg should be part of your baby's regular that and invisible se should give potatoes with potato pumpkin and in fruits banana apple chiku will be helpful. Give four times semi solid meal and at least 500 ml of milk daily. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi all,am having 8months old baby..my milk is not enough for my baby...he is gradually loss his weight,at present his weight is 7.5 kgs from 8 kgs to...am very warried about my baby,what can I do for my baby and what should I give to my baby..
Answer: Dear your baby is eight month old according to this baby weight is normal you should give semisolid food along with your breastfeed you can give corn puree banana apple sweet potato potato Suji sabudana porridge this will gain baby weight. when teething started some weight will lose as they don’t want to eat
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