10 months old baby

My baby is 10months old nd hasnt poo frm past 3days nd today he was having difficulty in passing stool as it was stuck nd wasnt coming out..i hv givn him lactulose,colic acid,ghutti..now wht to do.

Hello dear Ur baby might be having constipation problem. Remedies for ur baby : 1. Increase Water Consumption. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it's easy to assume she's getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet. 2. Offer Fruit Juice 3. Feed High-Fiber Foods 4. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” 5. Try a Different Brand of Formula 6. Take Your Baby's Temperature 7. Massage Her Tummy 8. Give Him a Warm Bath.
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Question: Hii im 4 + month pregnant.. it's my second pregnancy first pregnancy me i was very well ohk no issues was thre nd it was normal delivery..bt in ths pregnancy as frm afternoon im feeling uneasy stomach kabi tight feel hota kabi light... afternoon me i always hv habit to sleep bt today i was unable to sleep was getg urine so many times...nd once motion too ...bw still ngt same suffering stomach me kaise to lag raha Hai pair Nd kamar me b itna pain agaya hai no words...wht to do should i consult dr as my anomaly scan is aftr 2 days ... tension hogaya hai
Answer: Frequent urination is very normal during pregnancy. It happens by the pressure on the bladder from growing uterus. Hormonal changes make ur blood flow to ur kidneys more quickly, filling ur bladder more often which causes more frequent urination during pregnancy. Burning before period could be because of infection keep ur genital clean and dry. Wash after every pee and poop. Wear cotton under wears and avoid using soaps or body wash. Loose motions is common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes. There are certain reasons like improper digestion can also increase the chances of motions, infections due to virus or bacteria or strong medication or poor hygiene and bad weather can also trouble bowel movements. U can follow few home remedies like sabdana khichdi or sabdana water, breast milk also helps to recover from motions, try to give ORS now a days there are many different flavours available in the market . Or u can also try home made ORS similarly u can have banana also and pomegranate, then curd is the best probiotic u can also have curd rice or make lassi then u can have rice water or saunf water, coconut water, lemon water. So try these home remedies take care
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