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Question: My baby is 1 week old and is not taking my breastfeed whenever I try to breastfeed him he cries a lot and I have to give him cows milk what should I do can anyone tell

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Answer: Don't give cow milk..give only breastfeed or formula milk...cow milk is not good for children below 1year... consult pediatrician and check if your milk is sufficient for baby..
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Question: Hi mommies My baby is 5m old 6m started.. my concern is he is not showing much interest in having milk.. he only drinks when he is hungry and when he wants to sleep..I'm feeling like my milk is not sufficient.. is it so what I need to do.. are there any remedies to improve my bm... And I'm gonna start solids to him.. is it okay to give him fruits.. if yes what fruit should give
Answer: Once baby complete six months you can give apple banana pears. But give once in a day and give in less quality. You need to check how baby is responding. Do not force and feed... Continue breastfeeding as well. You use breast pump and remove your milk. If he drink less milk supply will be less.... Only remedy Is baby have to drink most of the intervals for continue supply otherwise Milk will stop.. You eat oatsporridge; fenugrek rice jaggry porridge ; dry fruits. Drink plenty of water
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Question: Hello, i have 1 month 55 days old baby , not doing stool regularly so he cries lot what to do?
Answer: Hi....not to worry, once or twice babies do this no potty thing....gently massage some castor oil around belly button. be gentle. it will help him relieve tummy...take care
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Question: Hi madam , I have 7 months baby ( boy ) what kind food I should give to him, and my milk is not sufficient to baby , after feeding the milk , baby is crying for milk What kind of food I should give to baby ,I have started ceralac food to my baby, Give the suggestion to me madam
Answer: Home made cerlac,fruit puree,mashed rice,sweet potato,banana
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