1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 1 month13 days and she is not poop from 3 days and only she is passing gas and tries to poop, what happen to her,

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Answer: hi usually if the baby is on breast feed it is common and acceptable that the baby passes motion once in 2 to 3 days however if the baby is having lot of gas problem it is advisable to consult to the doctor in the meanwhile you should also apply coconut oil to the anus of the baby which will help the baby to pass the motion you should also include this in your diet which will help you you should have more of water intake you should have fibrous food like green vegetables and carrots you should have papaya and banana are prunes juice and figs This should ho the baby
Answer: Hi For the breast feeding babies it is normal. Don't worry. There are two reasons, her Body absorbs the all the nutrients from the breastfeeding milk, otherwise she intakes only foremilk not hint milk. Try to feed in one breast for each feeding session. Then another for next feeding session until she poops. If she uses formula milk consult with your doctor and change the formula.
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Question: My baby girl is 34 days old. From last 3 days she has not pooped and is only passing gas. I am worried what to do?
Answer: Hi.. if u r breastfeeding then don't worry. Breastfeeding babies can pass stools for 3-4 days once.. drink more water and take foods which are easy to digest. Avoid spicy, oily , junk and gassy foods.. massage baby tummy slightly with oil and make cycle exercise which helps to release the gas and frees the baby tummy.. Take care
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Question: My daughter didn't poop since last 6 days although she is passing gas and susu quit frequently Is it normal ? What can I do to help her poop ?
Answer: Please consult doctor ..they need to poop atleast 2-3 times minimum a day as they are just one month old .. later they will reduce but you are saying she dint poop for 6 days .. don't wait .pls consult doctor .m
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Question: My baby is 21 days old she didn't poop from past 3 days she is passing gas and urine quute often .
Answer: hi.. my baby is 24days old. She didn't poop for about a week but passed urine and gas frequently. So i went to doctor and he said to wait for two more days as it is normal for newborns to not to poop for a week. Today she pooped. I. didn't used any medication. So don't worry. Wait for 8 days. If your baby doesn't poop after that you can consult doctor.
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