22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby in 21 weeks is only just 373..is it ok or what should i take to increase my baby's weight

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Question: My baby's weight is just 1.5kg🙄 What should I eat to increase my baby's weight? Plz help..
Answer: don't worry since your baby is 1.5 kg take care of him well wrap up properly and keep baby warm .. a newborn will gain weight once she is born . so don't worry that your baby is of less weight . exclusive breastfeeding can increase your baby's weight every month upto 1.5 kg . keep feeding your babies at regular two to three hours time gap .. make sure your baby has a good sound sleep that helps to add on weight .. Feed only on one side at a time .. so that the baby is able to drink the hindmilk , that is very essential for the weight in babies .
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Question: My baby's weight is 5.1 only.... What should I do to increase her weight???
Answer: As your baby is 5months old,you can't give any solid foods for baby until 6months So breast feeding is the only option you can do right now, once your baby is 6months you can slowly introduce solid foods such as puree of fruits and vegetables home made Porridge's
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Question: My baby weight is 490gms..is it Ok?? Or what should I do to increase?
Answer: hi dear the baby weight is OK nothing to worry. Hsve small quantity food at regular intervals will increase baby's weight dear
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