3 months old baby

Question: My baby hv very dry skin i put lotions and coconut oil but no use what i do?

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Answer: Hi Mommy, 1st suggestion is not to worry about your baby color its the health which should matter for you, if baby is healthy then nothing like it. I would recommend you some home remedies to help you with your baby skin. Apply mixture of milk ,malai and turmeric let it dry and wipe with it with a soft wet cloth then put your baby to bath don't use any soap just plain water Apply a mixture of curd ,tomato and oatmeal This natural mixture enhances your baby's complexion Massage your Babys skin with coconut oil it proves skin texture but also strengthen your kids muscles and bones Ensure your babies skin is well hydrated and watch his liquid intake. All the best!
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    Navya Navya504 days ago

    Thank you Sangeeta bathi

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Question: My skin becomes very dry after 2times application of coconut oil.. What should i do?
Answer: Hi,this is due to hormonal changes and due to climatic changes as well You can also apply aloe Vera gel or malai as this is the best to give soothing effect to the skin
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Question: My 12 month old baby has very dry and rough skin, what to do....i tried coconut oil and olive oil massage, but all in vain
Answer: Dear 2 things that will help the dry skin will be massage with home made desi ghee which helps in keeping the skin soft and nourished. Also after bath apple aloe vera mixed with coconut oil. Secondly when your baby is asleep at night just put few drops of desi ghee in the navel. This will bring the softness in the skin. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby skin chapped on face and legs I applied coconut oil but no use which lotion shall I use
Answer: Hi. You can use Mamaearth's products without any hesitation. All its products are natural and free from chemicals. You can go for it. Use malai for massage or apply malai before bath.. N use baby lotion atleast 3 times a day Use few drops of coconut oil in water n bathe ur baby. N apple some moisturizing lotion. U can ask ped to give medicated lotion which will be more effective. Try to use besan first while giving bath that will retain the baby skin soft and please change the soap. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i put coconut oil in my baby ear? Its very dry.
Answer: No its not safe for baby it may lead to infection in ear. Consult doctor for ear drops and use for dryness
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