2 years old baby

Question: my baby hs milk only one tme in a day tht too in a small sipper mrng around 5 or 6Am so i am gvg him buffalo milk is tht ok do reply or shd i go for cow milk

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Answer: Hi dear if you are baby is shooting the buffalo milk then there is no problem animal milk are usually introduced after 1 year of age and doesn't have mentioned that your baby is already two years old and having buffalo milk and Suiting it well like there is no complication for the buffalo milk then it is fine but it is very important to check the hygiene and authenticity of the buffalo milk because the milk needs to be pasteurized well and if that is being done and you are feeding the baby then there is no problem.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Can i give roti and buffalo milk once in a day to my baby????...is giving buffalo milk once in a day ok for her?????
Answer: Hi mam instead of giving buffalo milk you can give cow's milk because buffalo milk are very hard to digest for babies so doctors advised not to use buffalo milk for babies we can use buffalo milk only to prepare sweets and any other kheer but not directly to babies are they will cause stomach upset to them instead of using buffalo milk you can give them cows milk which have more calcium protein and minerals in it in which is very helpful for babies growth
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Question: Which milk should i give to my 11 months old baby in the replacement of breast milk? He is not accepting formula milk but hez ok with buffalo milk, is it ok to give him buffalo milk twice a day?
Answer: if is not accepting formula milk and pressing then only month and you can give it's better to him, because it is the most safest milk if you want to try giving buffalo milk you can do so much please do it only under consultation with a doctor because buffalo milk is lirtle heavy to digest
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Question: I have started cow milk once a day ... Is it ok or not Anyone else giving cow milk to baby
Answer: No cow's milk to be given to the baby till 1 year as it's not digestible and can cause problems to baby's health
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