Few days old baby

Question: my baby 11month her right eye is red...aftr bath ..last 1week .so ans me whats problm

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Answer: Homeopathy is the best for kids.....
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Question: Hii my baby is 7months old and his one eye was red after 1week it became normal and again another eye became red my mother said that is because of over heat so pour ur breastmilk
Answer: hi dear yes it is write the babies I get infection due to heat or also any other dry dust infection so you can for your breast milk on your baby's eye as soon as you squeeze out the milk you should put the milk on baby's I do this continuously every 2 hours once this helps to reduce the redness
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Question: My baby is 8 months old her one eye is getting red on daily basis plz suggest whats the reason and what can i do for her
Answer: Hello dear There can be various ressons for redness in eyes: 1. Ur baby is crying and sleeping 2. Allergy 3. Blocked tear duct 4. If your child suffers any sort of trauma to the eye or the area around it, redness and swelling can occur 5. Sometimes a baby can contract an infection from the other at birth, leading to an eye problem known as bacterial conjunctivitis. Remedies for redness in eyes: 1. Keep ur baby's eyes clean 2. Watch for hand hygiene 3. Cool down the swelling area 4. Seek medical attention
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Question: Hi My baby right eye is red. What to do?
Answer: Red eyes or watery eyes discharge from eyes caused due to infection and is called as conjunctivitis it usually settles on its own. And keep the eyes clean avoid dust and pollution. And wash eyes often which helps. And if the condition persist then consult doctor
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