34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my baby head is dolicocephaly pls tell me any me 😥😥😥😥. if any problem

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Answer: Hello! Dolichocephaly means the head is little longer than usual. It is difficult to say anything as such as there are other factors also which needs to be seen. Most of the time it is nothing to worry but still need the entire report. Take care
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    mounika vinod610 days ago

    if any problem of my baby this reason

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Question: Pls tell me if second line in pregnancy test is light is there any problem??
Answer: Hii dear there is no issue about it...U r actually positive.. Congratulations!! Further for ur satisfaction you can check again after few days... Have ur appointment with Gyn.. All the best
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Question: Pls pls tell me frns. Baby's Head is Bigger means problem in normal Delivery????? Pls tell me. My baby head is slightly bigger. Pls clarify me
Answer: No dear dont worry there are babies who are overweight and has big head and had normal labour so no meed to wprry dear. Just take healthy food more vegetables abd feuits and keep yourself strong for the labour. do walking at least 3 hours a day you can also do pelvic exercise at this helps in the flexibility of the pelvic during the labour.
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Question: My Tsh level is 6.04 ..pls tell me is there any problem..im feeling very bad..n ia there any problem for baby..pls tell me..pls
Answer: It means ur thyroid is increase consult to ur doctor she will prescribed you medicine n it will not affect your baby
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