8 months old baby

Question: My 8months baby head always heat at night time maximum, I'm applying coconut oil daily and taking head bath, then y like this? It's normal?but rest of body seems fine

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Question: I am 33 week pregnant and my whole body is itching and getting little rashes.i m applying coconut oil on d affected area but at night itching becomes severe.what to do
Answer: Hie Itching during pregnancy is due to increase in  blood volume During pregnancy the blood volume increase upto 50% to meet the increasing need of your baby and body Increase in blood volume makes your skin extra sensitive and itchy Go for mild unscented product for your skin rather than product that contain strong agents or fragrance As they may irritate your skin Moisturise your skin well with oil , unscented moisturiser or body butter Oatmeal bath can help you with itching Add a small cup of oatmeal to a jug of hot water And let it sit for 20-30 min Add the jug to your bathing water and bath with it It will naturally calm and moisturise your skin Having normal to mild cold water bath can help you suppress the itching as well However if the itching is severe then you have to consult your gynaecologist as it may be a cause of concern
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Question: Mam my baby always heat in her head why i apply coconut oil daily but their is no changes in heat plz help me
Answer: Hie Little babies cannot regulate their heat production and keep same temperature of 37°C Babies have very little body fat and more body water and also has immature soft skin, which makes it get and lose heat pretty quickly babys temperature may vary several times a day Any sources of heat and cold in your room, when placed closer to the baby, may affect this change. Babies have underdeveloped thermoregulation system they are not good at adjusting their body temperature As they grow around 6-8 months they get better at it  When your baby is active and moving a lot, or even when it is crying,feeding the body temperature can rise, and you will feel this heat. Too much bundling, swaddling, close radiant warmers can lead to overheating. 
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Question: hi , my babys head is always when compared to his body . at night it seems hotter . is this normal?
Answer: Hii dear yes dis is normal. Since most of the heat escapes from the head.That is why newborns almost always wear hats in the hospital, to keep their body temperature up. His core should be around the same temperature, but extremities are usually much cooler.
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