17 months old baby

Question: My baby is14months ..he doesnt like to eat curd nor drinks the buttermilk..is deir any alternative for that

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Answer: Make him drink more water.
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Question: My baby is like to eat only grinded products...he doesnt like to eat hard ....i am making everything juicy so that he can eat..is any problem
Answer: Hi, No problem at all.... in fact till his teeth grow, preferable to give him soft foods. and in fact this is a good sign that he likes it...Just be a smart mom to push healthy foods in an entertaining way!!
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Question: Hi, i don like milk, curd, buttermilk duch kind food. Is there sny alternative i have to gain calcium.
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy,it is essential to take dairy products,for bone health,if you have any allergy to dairy products,you can go for non dairy products,to increase your calcium content ,the non dairy products include ragi, almonds, Greenleafy vegetables,oranges,dried apricots,plums, prunes,soya milk ,tofu,can include this in your diet
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Question: Hi my 8+baby like curd he like eat only curd everytime it is good for baby or not
Answer: Hi Dear! Curd is very good fr stomach heath and good fr baby but dont offer all the time as food items r important too fr the baby to feed.so pls offer but in moderate qty. Hope this helps!
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