Question: my baby hd his first food today morning. bt now hE is having loose motion.. what to do?

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Answer: Hello! Consider removing the new food from your baby's diet for a while. Loose motion doesn’t always mean he is allergic, but may be he needs more time. For the time being you can give him following. Smashed banana Ors Pomegranate juice Chawal ka pani Dal ka pani Keep breast feeding him and make sure he is hydrated... Get well soon baby..
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    Question: My baby is 9 month and he is having loose motion from today morning what to do
    Answer: Hi dear,actually there are many reasons for loose motion in baby so first try to find out the cause.But I'm giving u some home remedies which may help u..Use ORS(oral rehydration solution),give banana,U can also give apple but boil it n mash it well.If the loose motion remain till 48 hours then u should go to doctor,hope this will help,Thank you.
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    Question: My baby is having vomiting sensation from yesterday morning and having loose motion what to do
    Answer: It will be good if you take your baby to doctor once for check could be a small stomach infection or indigestion... doctor will provide a proper course of treatment and baby will recover sooner 😊
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    Question: My baby is having loose motion from first day..he is 18days old now..what should I do??
    Answer: if baby has having loose motion you should consult a doctor . some newborn babies Poop after each feeding this is normal . check whether the baby has loose motion .
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