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Question: My baby having jaundice (19th day baby)which type of diet i can have

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Answer: Hi. Your diet wont affect babies jaundice dear. But to cure jaundice in baby The most important point is to avoid dehydration. The baby needs to be kept well hydrated with breast milk. Feed the baby often to stimulate frequent bowel movements and thus help remove excess bilirubin through stools. In severe cases, the baby might require IV line to deliver the fluids. Phototherapy may be recommended for babies with very high level of bilirubin. This treatment is performed by keeping the baby under a florescent light which helps in breaking down of bilirubin in the skin.
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Question: Which type of food i can take for protein diet
Answer: Paneer, pulses, rajmah, eggs, and you can take mother Horlicks in milk also.please mark helpful if it helps
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Question: Which type of diet i have to give my 6 months old baby?
Answer: Hi dear You can start solid foods once baby completes 6 months...foods like fruit puries apple boiled and remove skin and smash,smashed banana(remive black seeds and thin skin),boiled and smashed carrots,sweet potatoes can be given.. Please do not try more than one variety a day as babies digestve system is not matuared yet..feed a type of food and wait for a day and observe is there any abnormalities or allergies is there..some babies have allergies with some foods so that you can avoid next time
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Question: Todays i have started 8 month of pregnancy can i eat desi ghee in my diet now & which type of diet i should in this month
Answer: Yes you can eat desi ghee. And you can eat healthy and nutritious diet which includes iron rich foods cereals , green leafy vegetables, beetroot , fruits, ragi , milk and milk products and plenty of fluids it will help to maintain the energy levels and also provide nutrients to baby. And helps in growth and development of baby.
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