8 months old baby

Question: My baby having 9mm hole in heart...any suggestions plz

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Answer: Hello Yes it is very nessecary as there are chances for the hole in ur baby s heart to increase as she grows. It's best to get this done with now so she can have a normal life further on.
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Question: Hii.... My baby is 6 month old... 9mm size hole in his heart.... His wait is 6.250.....if any prblm....any chance to close the hole?....
Answer: hi dear! you will have to visit your doctor to conduct some scans to see which type of defect is it in the heart. there are also many types of holes in the heart depending on the place of location. and ofcourse there are treatments available dont worry about it. he is going to live a very happy life.
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Question: Hole in a heart n its fr 3 month baby 4mm n its VSD type. any suggestions
Answer: Hello, Dear my daughter is born with multiple holes in heart and my doctor said that mostly these holes cure on its own as baby grows and till 6 months touch wood she was completely fine. but it really depends what effects hole is making on the heart and after knowing a full report anything can be said. but my suggestion is to have faith and do as your doctor suggest but in all this worry just dont forget to enjoy with your baby.. take care .. god bless you and little bundle of joy..
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Question: Dr i having hole in my heart is any risk will happen while delivery
Answer: Hi! Dont worry dear your Dr. is there with you to help, if nothing has been informed you by the Dr. there should not be any issue. Have faith on God everything will be fine.. All the best!
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