8 months old baby

Question: My baby have teething time now...n he become very cranky n irritate what can I do that his teeth come fast....

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Answer: Hey teething is very painful process for baby so be calm and cuddle and live baby alot... Give teething toys to baby and also massage Abby's head with soft hand frequently that will help baby...
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Question: How can i know my baby is teething... He ve sligjt fever of 99.8degree n little loose stool n ve become so cranky n restless n drolling n bititng things... What can i do to soothe him please help
Answer: Yes, ofcourse these are the teething symptoms. My baby also had these symptoms. Also there may be changes in baby's eating and sleeping patterns, baby also try to chew hard things. You can soothe him by rubbing his gums with finger, you can also use a cold spoon(not very cold or frozen)on the gums to keep it cool.
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Question: My baby teeth are coming he has become very cranky and irritated what should I do to relieve him
Answer: Hllo dear while teething baby becane cracky so don't worry give homepathic meducine calcaria phos its really helpful in teething..Take 1 almond soak it in night in morning peel it grind in mixer nd make f9 paste mix it in 1 tsp water nd give it to baby its a source of calcium. Which s helpful in teething try it
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Question: My baby fell down and start crying. But his crying become very dangerous because he can't able to breath at that time.. what wil do at that time?
Answer: U need to visit doctor immediately if baby is crying that badly baby must be very hurt dea due to pain baby is crying breathlessly
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