36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my baby have single loose cord around its neck. will any issue arise . as per dr. i will deleiver my baby by 5 march. should i go for scan again in between to see whether my baby cord is removed.

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Answer: There will be no issue at all. My baby had 2 round of cord around its neck during birth. But move your body carefully n slowly, so that number of rounds not increase. Choose doctor correctly. She will suggest for anything and let her do her job. And enjoy these days with baby, its awesome. #BeHappy#DrinkWater#WalkWithSomeOne
Answer: Single loop around corner was in my pregnancy case also . Doctor said it's normal . For any further scans only consult your doc none else.
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Question: single loose loop of cord around baby's neck..r there chances that it will get removed??
Answer: Yes... Single loop is very common... Baby keeps moving and mostly it gets removed by the time of birth. Even normal birth is possible in single loop many times.... Only need to worry for double loop.
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Question: Single loop of cord around neck..should it will removed or i have to go through c sec
Answer: Hi dear, if it's one loop than its totally normal babies in womb fiddle n have it looped around neck it's very slimy n harmless . If it's more than 1 loop than poses danger
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Question: My baby has a single Loop of umbilical cord around its neck... What will be done.
Answer: Dear single loop of cord will not do any harm to baby. Its completely normal and happens s when baby move in womb he wrap the cord . So just relax it will not cause any harm to baby rather normal delivery is possible with single loop..
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