3 years old baby

Question: My baby have not pooped for 4 days.What to do?

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Answer: Give some hot water to drink and give fruits and bannana
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Question: My 4 month old baby boy didn't poop for 4 days.. what should I do to make him poop
Answer: As the baby is completely on liquids it is ok if the baby doesn't poop for even 8 to 10 days. Still if u feel worried, better check with your paediatrician. Just make sure that the baby's pee count is 6+ and the baby takes enough feeds every 2 hrs.
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Question: I m 6weeks 4 days pregnant I have not yet my baby heart heart
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy Sane happens to my sister in law in 7 wweks heartbeat not comes ..her dr says generally heatbeat comes in 5 or 6 weeks .but in few cases it comes late as in 7 or 8 weeks .in rare its comes in 9 weeks too and advised 4 scan after 8 to 10 days .when she go 4 again scannung heart beat comes so dint worty again go 4 scan nd have faith on god till 9 weeks dont worry .
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Question: What to do for small pimples in my baby face
Answer: Nothing to worry about it..it's common for newborns. It will disappear after few days. Baby skill still getting adjusted with new environment so they get mild pimples. It's normal for every baby.
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