4 months old baby

Question: my baby hasn't passed motion in the last 4 days and is very uncomfortable today. what can I do to make him do potty?

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Answer: I too had the same problem with my baby , he was not passing out stool for 3 to 4 days. Dr said its normal to pass potty for once in a week. and if he doesn't try giving him sugar water. or else take hing and make paste using water and apply it around the navel. (asafoetida paste)
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    Sneha V1449 days ago

    can't give water to 3.5 month old baby :(

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    Pearl Joura1449 days ago

    thts true bt after 3 mnth u can give sainf water..hing on baby navel...cycle exercise or other exercises which helps baby to release gas....if baby didnt pass stool fr amedays atleast pass gas

Answer: yaa u shouldn't give water for 3.5 months baby. but my pediatrician asked me to give. but I dint. that belly massage and hingh paste itself helped me
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    Monika Chhabra1449 days ago

    give colicaid drops

Answer: give ur baby stomach n back massage....wid exercises...to give him relief....give saunf wala boil water thnda krky.
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    Sneha V1449 days ago

    how can we give water to a 3.5 month old baby?

Answer: bf ur baby alot
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