3 months old baby

Question: My baby has the pattern of keeping awake for whole night & he keeps crying and asks for feed every now and then. He is exclusively Breastfed. Please Suggest what can be done.

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Question: Hi. My baby is 46days old. It from 4 in the noon to 12 at night... Then it hardly sleeps for 15 -20mins through out the night between every feed and keeps on crying.. What could be the reason and what could i do to make my baby sleep? Could she be hungry each time when i feed? I feed her for half hour
Answer: How much she can let she drink dear, if she drinks for an hour then feed her for 1 hour, she might be hungry, if she is not drinking milk if she is keeping on crying then she might be uncomfortable with somethg, just check out,,if she gets complete food then she will sleep, if ur satisfied with my answer plz mark it as useful a
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Question: My 9 month son wakes up at night in every 2-3 hours. Even if he has had enough food before sleep, he wakes up in 3 hours and then sleeps only if he is breastfed. Also, he does take feed properly and sleeps soon and wakes up in 2 hours. This continues for the whole night. Please suggest what can be done for his continuous sleep.
Answer: Hi,this is just because the baby is use to latching and latching give that comfort,you should not keep feeding your baby every 3 hours because it is not necessary,you should feed just once or twice at midnight and nothing g more than that is reqd.skowky the child will get use to and his demand will also decrease.
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Question: My baby asks for too much breast feed at night. What could be the reason?
Answer: It's common ... Better u feed ur baby before getting into d sleep.. so that they sleep happily
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