9 months old baby

Question: My baby has 10months plese suggest home food

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Answer: you can follow this diet chart Early Morning,Breakfast,Mid-Morning,Lunch,Afternoon,Dinner,Latenight Mon BM /Formula Rice cereal with grated apple Ripe papaya pieces Rice with chicken broth BM / Formula Dosa with sambhar BM /Formula Tue BM /Formula Oatmeal porridgewith cheeku Banana slices Vegetable fried ricewith fish BM / Formula Chicken soup with toast BM /Formula Wed BM /Formula Egg yolk on toast Halved or quartered grapes Vegetable pulaowith  curd BM / Formula Chapati with Bottlegourd curry BM /Formula Thu BM /Formula Dalia/ Broken wheat porridge Rusk/ teething biscuits Khichdi with veggies and curd BM /Formula Chapati with aloo gobhi matar (potato, caulifloer and peas curry) BM /Formula Fri BM /Formula Paneer bhurji sandwich Melon cubes Rice, masoor dal and pumpkin curry BM /Formula Missi roti with sweet pumpkin curry BM /Formula Sat BM /Formula French toast Cooked carrot sticks Chapati with dal and mixed vegetables BM /Formula Rice and fish BM /Formula Sun BM /Formula Ragi porridge Cooked apple cubes Idlis with sambhar BM /Formula Jeera parantha with spinach and potato curry BM /Formula
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Question: My baby has fever ...pks suggest home remedies and what food should i give. ?
Answer: Hi,in fever the appetite if the baby reduces and so you should give your baby only light food like Dal khichadi plain daliya.also give more of fluids like soup and juices as it will help to flush out the viral bacteria.kewo monitoring the fever as if the fever goes high you should keep room temp water pattis on the forehead to bring down the fever.
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Question: Plz suggest weight gaining food for 10months baby
Answer: Hello dear, foods like Kerala banana, banana powder, chikoo, sweet potatoes, dry fruits powder help in healthy weight gain of the baby as they contain all vitamins and minerals essential for weight gain...also few drops of ghee can be added to porridge or sprinkled on top of Kichdi...It is a great food to help your baby gain weight in a healthy way... Yoghurt provides fat and nutritious calories for healthy weight gain in the baby... It also improves digestion, increases immunity, and helps with gastric troubles...
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Question: My baby has just started having solid food. Suggest some home remedies for constipation.
Answer: Hey, Infant constipation usually starts when baby is introduced to solid food. To overcome the constipation problem you can make certain dietary changes like include water or apple/prune/pear juice. You can include barley or multigrain cereals as they contain more fibre. If dietary changes dont help the situation then after consulting your doctor you can start infant glycerin suppositories. Please consult your doctor if the constipation persists or is accompanied by vomiting.
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