5 months old baby

Question: My baby has started 6months on nov 22 can i give him fruit juices or solid food

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Answer: Hello dear U should start giving solid food to ur baby at 6 months and as ur baby has just begin to have solid so start giving only 1 or 2 spoons of daal ka pani or chaval ka pani to baby. Then slowly slowly u can Increase the quantity of solids
Answer: Juices don't do any good to that small babies. They don't have enzymes to digest them. Rather give them mashed/pureed foods. You can introduce solids when your baby completes 6 months.
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Question: My baby boy is 6months,can I give him solid food and wot all can I give and wen
Answer: Hi You may start with rice water, Dal water, homemade fresh yougurt do not add sugar to it ,pureed banana, steamed carrot, potato, sweet potato, pear ,apple Just be careful when your introduce any new food Give your baby a mouthful and observe for a day if he digests it well If yes then gradually increase the quantity to a small cup If unable to digest wait for a month and then reintroduce it
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Question: Hi my baby is 132 days can i give fruit juices solid foods
Answer: Hello dear U should start giving solid food to ur baby at 6 months as ur baby's digestive system is not developed till now. He will vomit out everything whatever u will give him. So, avoid giving any solid food now.
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Question: Can i give pomogranate juice to 6months old. What all fruit juices can i give him
Answer: No dear, for a six month baby, you can start apple and pear juice. Fruits u can try banana, apple,plums, peaches, pears...
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