2 months old baby

Question: My baby has small rashes pimples all over the face..is it any kind of infection? should i consult doctor for tht..

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Answer: Hello dear My baby also faced that problem .don't touch that pimples...clean the face daily two times with soft cloth..be alert on what you are eating...some kids may have milk allergy...if mom consume cow milk curd and dairy products the baby may have pimples
Answer: Hi dear it's completely normal, even my baby also has these rashes. I tried dove baby massage oil and it's reduced now.
Answer: Did you following the vitamin drops given by paediatrician during baby's birth ? Breast milk wil heal this.
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Question: My baby is one month old and having small small pimples kind of rashes all over the face..kindly suggest
Answer: It is normal in infants. Avoid oil application. If u feel any difficult to the baby try calamine lotion. Pls mark help ful if u got my answer use ful
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Question: My son has developed small small pimples kind all over his face.. it started with cheeks now it has spread all over the face. Please advice
Answer: These are known as baby acne. it is normal .You can apply breast milk. It is very effective.
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Question: My baby has small pimples all over the body and face... Any medicine??
Answer: If the pimples you are talkibg about are very small boils kind of things, then this is very common in new borns dear. Nothing to worry. I personally advice using sebamed soap for your little one. This makes baby's skin smooth and soft. I used it and found immense positive results.
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Question: My baby is getting small pimples all over the face ...somewhere a bunch of pimples
Answer: Hi Its common in summer....just give bath to baby with warm water instead hot water..add.some.neem leaves in that water....also apply gingelly oil on rashes as its natural anti fungal and helps to cure any skin problems...also you can apply palm fruit extract..do note temparature if fever is there do take baby to doctor
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