11 months old baby

Question: My baby has recurring rash around lips and eyelids. I have already visited my paed she gave me a lotion(desowen) the rash disappeared till the time i applied it and appeared back again.

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Question: Hi my baby has diaper rash on butt. What to do? Should I use diaper presently or not. I have applied rash cream already.
Answer: No if your baby is having diaper rashes then you will need to avoid diaper for sometime little babies skin breathe in natural air keep applying diaper rash cream time to time
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Question: My baby is 73 days old. Has got a rash on his penis. We went to the pediatrician he gave an ointment and taximo. Taximo gave him motions. Now the rash has appeared again on the tip of his pens. It's become red b rashy. I also use diapers only twice a day for 4 hours
Answer: Apply coconut oil and see if it reduces. And everytime he pee or passes motion wipe his genitals with water
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Question: Hi, my baby is 1yr 2 months old. She has a severe nappy rash. I have already applied candid cream but its not work well. Kindly advice what will apply for nappy rash? Its ring type rash.
Answer: Hi,you can apply cocunut oil or rash free cream, this s will help.Wear cotton ug.This will help.
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