37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my baby has one cord around the neck acc to colour Doppler? what to do now ?m worried ..

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Answer: Hello! Please don't stress. Many have faced a similar situation and have even delivered baby through normal delivery. There is nothing to worry about. Please don't take stress. If you go for normal delivery, the doctor will continously monitor the baby and if required will perform c-section. So, just relax.
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Question: At my 30 week color doppler it showed that baby has wrapped cord around it's neck. I'm very worried.
Answer: Hi dear, don't worry. Do as your doctor suggest. They know better. When I was young, My aunt had 2 sons 5 year apart, both had cord wrapped around the neck. They were delivered normally and cord was unwrapped in womb for first one as a very experienced midwife turned the baby inside tge womb. Fir the second one, cord was unwrapped as soon as he was born. First one had 4 times tge wrap and second one had 2 times. Sometimes doctor also suggest c-section instead of natural birth if there are complication for the baby. So better discuss it with your doctor. Nothing to worry about.
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Question: Cord around the neck of fetal m worried about it
Answer:   Hello dear , Don't worry it's happen. umbilical cord wrapped around baby's neck is a very common concern among pregnant women, it rarely causes a problem. Lots of babies are born with the cord around their neck or other body parts. It really depends on how tight the cord is and what else is going on. 
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Question: Done colour doppler today cord around the neck 34 weeks and 5 days running
Answer: This generally reaolves on its own! Do not worry, The baby still moves,which wilp cause the cord to come off on its own. Even if it doesn't,normal delivery is still possible with constant fetal monitoring.
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