2 months old baby

Question: My baby has garmi danay on face ,which becomes red some times.baby age is one n half month.what should I do?

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Answer: It may be because of summers. . Cool off. Loosen or remove your baby's clothing, and move him into an air-conditioned room or a shady spot. ... Dry the skin. Let him air-dry or use a fan to dry and cool him off, rather than rubbing him with a towel. ... Let the skin breathe. Hope this helps.
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Question: Helo evryvn my baby is 5.20days old n her head becomes too hot what should I do?? Plz suggest me
Answer: Dear pls check babies body temprature if babies body temprature s normal nd head s warm then dont worry its a symptom of healthy baby. So pls check ur babies temprature
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Question: My baby has small red pimples on his cheeks what should i do for it?
Answer: Normally babies will have skin rashes don't worry it will go away after 2 months but don't touch or scrach them it will go away naturally.
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Question: My baby is on complete breastfeed. I've got red patch on my one breast which has beome hard and feels warm. Is it normal.?
Answer: You can use ice pack or beast pumps to release out milk ... Take care
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