8 months old baby

Question: My baby has not pooped from 2 days... Any home remedy... She is crying at time she is applying pressure

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Answer: Hi dear. It's completely normal for not passing stools for 2 days Make sure that you are adding lot of vegetables and fruits in his diet. Make him drink plenty of fluids. If the symptoms continue consult your pediatrician.Take care
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Question: My baby has cold he is not sleeping day and night and crying any remedy
Answer: Oh ho dear due to weather change baby have cold so dear put 1 1 drop nasoclear or breast milk into babies nose nd give steam to baby twice a day nd give bf after 2 2 hours nd apply warm mustard oil babies chest nd back too nd covered baby properly ur baby gets relief in cold ..Try it dear . Take care 🤗
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Question: my baby has not pooped for 4 days...i just startrrd with solids and since then she has not pooped...what to do ?
Answer: Oh God,most babies have this issue once solid diet starts😢...my baby had it too...then my mom suggested to give mosambi juic daily...also include plenty of fruits,vegetables too..water is important.it all helped my daughter..hope helps your baby too....
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Question: Baby is 13 days old.. she has not pooped from 2days.. what to do?
Answer: Breastfeeding babies can go up to 8 days without pooping dea.. wait for few more days if u feel baby is struggling call doctor
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