5 months old baby

Question: My baby has not done passed stool since 24 hours

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Answer: It happens dear...my baby is 6th months old ...from 5th month ..she passes stool every after two days...it is said that if baby doesn't poop 7 days ...it considers nrml condition .so don't wry...don't do anything...wait for 2-3 days more..take care..god bless ur baby😘
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Question: My baby has not passed stool from last 30 hours
Answer: Hi As baby is completely in breast feed that is mother milk its quite normal as some babies may even poop once in a week, just do note whether urine is at regular interval if so then no issue..apply some castor oil around baby's belly and give gentle massage in clockwise motion for 10 min it reduce babies body heat and helps to relieve from constipation
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Question: My baby has not passed stool since 10days....can Any1 suggest home remedies can be done
Answer: Massage on tummy with massage oil in a circular motion. Consult a doctor they give medicine
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Question: My baby has not passed stool since two days
Answer: Hi mom Congratulations firstly Babies don't have a control on their motions. They have no control and it's just for the initial time. Then eventually they will learn to control. Hence if a baby pops 8 times a day or once in 8days there is nothing to worry at all. All that matters now is pee count. Make sure baby pees around 14 times a day. Keep the baby hydrated by feeding her on demand.
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Question: My baby has not passed stool since last 4 days
Answer: Hi dear, if your baby is exclusively breastfeeding then it is normal. Breast fed baby's might not pass stool upto 7-10 days. Or they might pass stool 8-10 times a day. All this are normal. It doesn't create any problem. But if the baby is was pissing stool regularly and since 4 days doing not then he may be constipated. Try Thu breast feed him more often. Also massage his tummy well in circular and anti circular movement. Move his legs like bicycle. It will help to pass the gas and help in passing stool.
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