6 months old baby

Question: My baby has complted 5 months .He is not sleeping in day time plzz suggest me how has been slp

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Answer: massage him gently and after one hour give bàth to him hope it will help
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Question: My baby is not yet all sleeping in a day time. It's normal? How much time baby has to baby?
Answer: Hie Your baby should sleep 14-16 hour atleast Help baby differentiate between day and night During day feeds talk to him, light up the room let sunlight in , play with him While by the night dim the lights make it quiet and calm don't play or talk to baby Establish a night routine baby love it if they know all having a routine helps them know what happens next and gradually they follow it  Dream feed your baby hunger is the most common reasons for baby to wake up early from his sleep . Give your baby a sponge bath or just massage him lightly with a lotion as it gets absorb fast ,put on a fresh pair of clothes ,dim the light and rock your baby to sleep Massaging the baby every night will help baby destress and sleep for longer duration of time it will also relieve body ache and promote better blood circulation Swaddling helps baby sleep well and for a longer duration of time as it creates womb like atmosphere
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