5 months old baby

Question: My baby has lose motions. She poops very watery and her wait also not increasing... What should I do? Is there home remedy for baby?

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Answer: Hello dear As small babies immune system is not developed fully so they are facing many stomach problems. Breastfeed ur baby as much as possible. It will surely help in curing loose motions of ur baby and also will help in increasing ur baby's weight.
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Question: My baby is 2year 3months but her wait is not increasing, she is just 10 kg... what should i do?
Answer: Hello dear. Baby’s growth and baby’s weight are two different things. Child’s weight is one part of its overall growth but it is not the only measuring criteria to check the child’s development. Foods to add in ur baby's daily diet for weight gain are :- 1.) Banana 2.) Desi Ghee 3.) Ragi 4.) whole Cream Yogurt 5.) Oats 6.) Potatoes 7.) Sweet Potatoes 8.) Pulses 9.) Avacado 10) Khichdi with lots of veges 11.) Egg 12.) Whole Wheat Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is suffering from watery lose motions...please help me... what should I do.
Answer: Give arrow root powder making in form of soup Ors water Entero plus shachet Inquire pedriatician
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Question: My baby 8 month. Lost 2 day her potty is smelly and watery. What should I do. What is the home remedy for that?
Answer: Usko teeth aarahe hoge isliye smelly and watery potty aaraha hoga
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